Financial Market Infrastructures
for Tomorrow

Block Markets Africa enables the economy of tomorrow by designing and deploying decentralised Financial Market Infrastructures (dFMIs) -  drawing on the best minds in banking, regulation, finance, and payments technology.

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Block Markets Africa is
driving the next generation in
settlements and securities

Our role in the market is to help central and commercial banks lead adoption of blockchain technology and services, and to support financial service providers in the private and public sector as they develop innovative offerings that empower customers, collectively bringing about an inclusive and equitable financial future.

Manage Digital Assets for you and your users with confidence, using a range of HSM backed BLS, MPC, or SmartWallet solutions that fit your needs, with plug-ins for DeFi, NFTs, Lending, and more.

Manage and execute client Digital Asset deployment instructions or mandates in a compliant framework with real-time customer reports and agent / distributor dashboards.

Secured Swap, Staking, and Collateralised Lending tools to manage and optimise yield on a wide range of Digital Assets as a single portfolio across multiple EVM networks.

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The digital asset revolution

Digital Asset Revolution

We partner with organisations to find the optimal strategic positioning from which to leap ahead of old and new competitors.

The Digital Asset Market has rapidly matured to include FIAT Currencies, Equities, Debts, Derivatives, Commodities, and a host of new Green and Sustainable financial instruments - adding to the vast array of Cryptocurrencies, DeFi tokens, and NFTs it's already known for.  

As regulators and bankers adopt blockchain based Digital Asset frameworks that embrace new markets and models, innovative products are born that give clients more choice and control over their finances.

Transforming trade and transactions

Our years of experience across the sector has given us the insights to help you establish effective delivery capability.

Participating in the new world of Digital Assets requires new tools to connect, custody, comply, and commercialise products and services with confidence.  Prioritising the right programmatic ledgers to reach your strategic vision is as important as developing the organisational competency you need to compete.  

From acquisitions or recruiting talent, building or buying infrastructure, on-premise or cloud architecture, and pioneering or partnering - making the right decisions at every stage of your journey matters.  

Transforming trade and transactions

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For centuries the world relied on centralisation to manage finance risks...

Decentralisation challenges these age-old assumptions.

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